We believe that as a business thrives, so should the community around it.

Since 2004, Printing Partners has awarded over $200,000 annually to their clients who are local arts and not-for-profit organizations.

These grants are available to our clients in the form of in-kind support to help underwrite marketing activities. These grants are designed to support a specific activity or event, however each recipient is able to determine how to utilize Printing Partners’ in-kind support.

Arts Grants

These are a few of the Arts organizations in that have received grants.
  • Actors’ Theatre of Indiana

    Artist sponsor

  • Arts for Learning

    Leap into Art

  • Dance Kaleidoscope

    Marketing Support

  • Indy Jazz Fest

    Marketing Support

  • Meridian Song Project

    An Evening with My Friends

Community Grants

These are a few of the Community organizations in that have received grants.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters

    The Main Event

  • Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

    Lt. Govenor’s Leadership Luncheon

  • Indiana Historical Society

    Living Legends

  • Indy Crit

    Marketing Support

  • Joys House

    Marketing Support

  • Wheeler Mission

    Drumstick Dash

  • Cacklebird Classic Charity Golf Organization

Apply for Grants

Due to the overwhelming demand, please drop off the following in a folder to:

Printing Partners
929 W 16th Street
C/O Mary T. O'Brien
Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Requests for sponsorships and grants need to be submitted each year by December 6th, to be used in the following year.

Folder should contain the following:

• Cover letter
• Executive summary
• Project(s) in need of grant
• Goals and objectives
• Other funding/sustainability
• Info on organization
• Project budget
• Sponsorship opportunities

Note: Grants must be used within the year they are issued, and any unused portion does not carry over to the next year.